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ISICuga liitumine võimaldab haridusasutusel muuta oma tavalised õpilaspiletid ja üliõpilaspiletid rahvusvaheliselt tunnustatavaks kaardiks. Lisaks annavad ISIC kaardid võimaluse pakkuda oma õpilastele ja õpetajatele saada ligipääs tuhandetele kohalikele ja rahvusvahelistele soodustustele ning hüvedele!

ISIC kaardid Eesti haridusasutustele
ISIC kaardid Eesti haridusasutustele, koolidele, lasteaedadele ja huvikoolidele.

ISIC cards make life more convenient for students and teachers!

Belonging to an international community of students and teachers

In addition to Estonia, ISIC cards are valid in 130 other countries, and 2.5 million cards are issued every year!

Global discount providers

ISIC cards offer discounts to cardholders at over 300 Estonian and 130,000 foreign sales points.

A multifunctional card

ISIC cards can be registered as a joint card. In addition, it is possible to purchase an ISIC composite card, which functions as a bank card. Within the school, the card can also work in different access systems.

The card technology provides opportunities to create access throughout the school campus

The ISIC card works with already existing systems and enables access to for example buildings, libraries, printing and public transport. 

ISIC kaardid mugavalt kasutamiseks läbipääsusüsteemides - uksekaart, raamatukogukaart, sööklakaart jne.

Joining the EDUID card management system process

The Federation of Estonian Student Unions has been offering card issuance and management since 2008. EDUID card management system is intended for general education, vocational, interest and higher education schools and preschool institutions, to offer contactless ISIC student cards, ITIC teacher cards, Estonian student cards and other card products. As on now, FESU offers the service of issuing and managing cards to hundreds of educational institutions across Estonia.
ISIC kaardid

Starting the collaboration

Signing of an agreement between the educational institution and the Federation of Estonian Student Unions. The educational institution will clarify which cards they want to start ordering. FESU forwards the contract for perusal, after which the conditions are agreed upon and the contract is signed. 

ISIC kaardid

System setup

FESU and makes the necessary settings in the system for the educational institution. If the school wants to use the cards in access systems, the access systems are prepared at this stage in cooperation with FESU, the interfacer and the educational institution.

ISIC kaardid

Selection of the administrator by the educational institution

The educational institution selects out a system administrator whose task is to approve card applications for the school's students and teachers. FESU adds the administrator authorized by the educational institution as a user of the card management system. Materials are sent to the administrator to start work, and FESU gladly helps the administrator at every stage.

ISIC kaardid

The EDUID card management system is ready for the institution

The educational institution and its members can now start ordering cards from the system. 

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