ISIC Student

What is the
ISIC Student card?

ISIC Student or International Student Identity Card is an international student ticket that can be used to prove your student status and entitles you to various benefits in Estonia and abroad. The ISIC student card is the key to the student community, which includes students from more than a hundred countries.

All ISIC cards also function as a common card in public transport and as a pass card in the canteen, library or elsewhere within the school.

Who can apply for an ISIC Student card?

Matriculated higher education student

Studying on a higher education curriculum, either at a university, university of applied sciences or vocational training institution in Estonia or abroad

Studying full time

You can study in different forms of study (i.e. day study, distance study, cycle study, etc.). When applying for the card, the student may also be on academic leave.

Students of the Open University cannot apply for an ISIC Student ticket, with the exception of students of the Open University of the University of Tartu - if a person studies the curriculum of the University of Tartu's Open University (i.e. does not take only some subjects, e.g. as an external student, but completes the entire curriculum), he is a matriculated student and thus entitled to apply for an ISIC Student card. 

Other higher education institutions do not have approved study programs at the Open University, so they are not matriculated students either, but free listeners. Externs, interns and residents are not students in the sense of the University Act, so they cannot apply for an ISIC Student ticket.

Three different ISIC Student cards are issued in Estonia:

ISIC Student card as a standard card

A standard ISIC Student card that proves the student's international student status. Discounts are extended to all ISIC cards both in Estonia and abroad. In addition, when registering, the card functions as a common card in public transport.

ISIC Student card as a bank card

ISIC Student bank card issued by SEB combines the functions of the ISIC Student card, Mastercard debit card and public transport card. With an ISIC bank card, you can make everyday bank transactions, convenient instant payments and prove your student status. All ISIC benefits both in Estonia and abroad are extended to this card. SEB ISIC cards are made of corn and contain 82% less plastic than a regular bank card.

ISIC MasterCard Student Card issued by Swedbank is 3-in-1: bank card, student card and public transport card. All ISIC discounts in Estonia and abroad are extended to the Swedbank ISIC MasterCard Student Card. Save the environment and save space in your wallet by using 1 instead of 3 different cards. Pay on the move with Apple Pay, the Swedbank app and Garmin and Fitbit smart watches.

ISIC LHV virtual card

This is your free student ticket that saves the environment and does not disappear. Order a virtual ISIC Student card in the LHV app, prove your student status anywhere and use thousands of international discounts. Only LHV customers can order an ISIC virtual card through LHV.

ISIC Student card as a virtual card

The ISIC virtual card is always with you in your phone. With the help of the virtual card, you can prove your student status, and you can also get thousands of discounts both in Estonia and abroad.

If you already have a physical ISIC/ITIC/IYTC standard card or bank card, you can make it virtual - without any extra charge!

To do this, you need the ISIC mobile application (Android or iOS) and the serial number from your ISIC card (number sequence above your picture). The unique serial number must be entered in the mobile application according to the given instructions.

Please note that the ISIC virtual card cannot be used on public transport or with door access systems.

Are you ready to order your card?

You can order all standard ISIC cards from EDUID. 
You can order bank cards from the respective bank's website.