How to use the ISIC app?

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The ISIC application allows ISIC, ITIC and IYTC card holders to use their card virtually! The application allows you to show your card with a real-time validity label and manage all the different benefits.


1. Card registration

In order to register your card in the application, you have to press "Register Card".

Next, you must enter the name of the card holder and the card number.

Please note that these details must be entered exactly as they are written on the card.

2. Application home page

You can see your profile and card data in the header of the ISIC application. 

On the home page, you can also browse the latest news, special offers and the latest added discount offers from ISIC Estonia.

3. Displaying the card

By pressing "Show Card" in the menu bar at the foot of the ISIC application, you can show your card, which also displays the validity of the card in real time.

In the card window, by scrolling the tabs to the right, the card can be shown in different views.

4. Browsing benefit offers

By selecting "Discounts" from the bottom menu bar, you can learn more about all discounts. 

You can search for the exact discount provider in the top search bar.

The "Map" button appears above the bottom menu bar, which allows you to search for discounts directly on the map.

5. Additional information on discounts and use of voucher codes

By clicking on a discount, the application displays all the additional information about the given discount. 

There you can read more about how and where to use the discount or to whom the discount applies.

If the discount is valid only virtually, the cardholder can request a discount code by pressing the "Get voucher" button.

6. Recommend new discounts

By pressing "More" in the menu bar at the foot of the ISIC application, an additional menu opens where you can manage the card and application settings.

By clicking "Suggest a Discount", you can suggest new discount providers to ISIC Estonia where the cardholder would like to receive a discount.

We always read all the ideas and it gives us a better chance to contact the company!

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