ISIC Scholar

What is the ISIC Scholar card?

ISIC Scholar or the International Scholar Identity Card is an international student card that can be used to prove your status as a student at a general education school or vocational education institution and entitles you to various discounts in Estonia and abroad. The ISIC Scholar card is the key to the student community, which includes students from more than a hundred countries. 

All ISIC cards also function as a common card in public transport and as a pass card in the canteen, library or elsewhere within the school.

Who can apply for an ISIC Scholar card?

A person at least 6 years old

To order a standard card, visit the card issuing platform EDUID, where both the student (if they are at least 14 years old) and the parent can apply for a scholar card.

Currently acquiring general or vocational education

Studying at an educational institution in Estonia or abroad. If the applicant studies in Estonia, the scholar card ordered through the card management system EDUID is issued based on the automatic information entry in the Estonian Education Information System. In the case of a foreign educational institution, a certificate confirming the studies, which has been issued within the last 3 months, must also be submitted.

To extend or replace a card, you must apply for a new card. The validity period of the ISIC Scholar card begins on August 1 and ends at the end of the next (for a 2-year card, the next one for a 3-year card, the next one for a 3-year card) calendar year. A card valid for 2 and 3 years can only be applied for if the applicant's study period does not end before the end of the card's validity period.

The physical ISIC Scholar card can also be used in public transport. For this, the card owner can easily register the card as a public transport card.

The ISIC Scholar card as a regular card is not connected to any bank. It proves student status and allows you to use discounts. SEB issues ISIC Scholar bank cards.


Three different ISIC Scholar cards are issued in Estonia:

ISIC Scholar as a standard card

Classic ISIC Scholar card, which proves student status internationally. Discounts are extended to all ISIC cards both in Estonia and abroad. In addition, when registering, the card functions as a common card in public transport. Within the school, the card can also function as a pass card.

ISIC Scholar card as a bank card

SEB poolt väljastatav ISIC Õpilase pangakaart combines the functions of the ISIC Scholar card, Mastercard debit card and public transport card. With an ISIC bank card, you can make everyday bank transactions, convenient instant payments and prove your student status. All ISIC benefits both in Estonia and abroad are extended to this card. SEB ISIC cards are made of corn and contain 82% less plastic than a regular bank card.

ISIC Scholar as a virtual card

The ISIC virtual card is always with you in your phone. A card that saves the environment and does not disappear. The ISIC virtual card is always with you in your phone. With the help of the virtual card, you can prove your student status, and you can also get thousands of discounts both in Estonia and abroad.

If you already have a physical ISIC/ITIC/IYTC standard card or bank card, you can make it virtual - without any extra charge!

To do this, you need the ISIC mobile application (Android or iOS) and the serial number from your ISIC card (number sequence above your picture). The unique serial number must be entered in the mobile application according to the given instructions.

Please note that the ISIC virtual card cannot be used on public transport or with door access systems.

Are you ready to order your card?

You can order all standard ISIC cards from EDUID. 
You can order bank cards from the respective bank's website.