8 tips on how to get the new school year off to a good start with ISIC!

Hey, kiddos! 🤓

The new school year is starting again with great speed! So many new challenges, friends and knowledge await. ISIC has some valuable tips for you, how to not only survive the school year, but also really enjoy it. First, check that you have the ISIC card in your wallet or in your phone. If the card has expired, now is a good time to order a new one, because if you order now, the card will be valid until the end of 2024!

  1. How do you do your schoolwork? Do you prefer the classic pen and paper or are you a complete smart mouse? If you are one of those who appreciate the convenience of technology, there is great news for you - iDeal has an ISIC discount for Mac computers and iPads -10% (valid until September 21!). In addition, SAMSUNGwill soon join the ISIC discounts, where you will also get a -15% discount. This means that you can get the smart devices and accessories you need at a lower price to easily keep up with your studies. 
  2. Unfortunately, many of us leave all homework until the last minute, which means having to sit on the computer until late at night. If your eyes are already red and puffy by then, Blue Light Glasses are great helpers that help protect your eyes. The best part? With the ISIC discount, you can get these glasses -20% cheaper. Your eyes are worth it! 
  3. Between schoolwork, you definitely need taste experiences that lift your mood. With the ISIC card, you can get tasty discounts in several restaurants. Friends of healthier food get -15% at Poke Bowl and MEZE restos , the student of Tartu at Wok Stop and Kebab Stop -20% , pizza lovers get -10% at Vapiano , and finally a well-deserved "cheat meal" at Burger King with a -10% discount. 
  4. Are you thinking of changing your car or public transportation to cycling? As we know, traffic in Tallinn is a challenge in itself, and riding a bike is a completely healthy and environmentally friendly choice. ISIC lends you a helping hand by offering Velomarket -10% discount on all bikes and accessories until the end of September. 
  5. School is already throwing you lung over heels and you're looking for an escape route? DFDS will send you to Sweden or even further afield with a -10% discount. You can find comfortable accommodation on the Booking.com page, where you can get a discount of 4% money back with the ISIC link! 
  6. Do you want to send home the sweat and tears you poured for your school work with a package, so that your parents believe that school is hard? At Omniva you can do it now with a -20% discount. 
  7. FESU and TarkTudeng offer you valuable information that can help you clarify academic matters and better understand your rights and obligations. Check them out!
  8. Are you ready for a new challenge? ISIC offers you a chance to have fun playing the Flappy ISIC game.In addition to the opportunity to challenge yourself and win sweet prizes, it is a great opportunity to make new friends and ward off school stress.

ISIC is your reliable companion throughout the year. We always have new exciting information and discounts to offer you. Follow us on Instagram @isicestoniato stay up to date with them. PS! ISIC has a new Instagram account, help us grow!

Soovime kõigile rõõmsat ja edukat kooliaasta algust!

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