The Estonian University Student Card will disappear from the market

With the entry into force of the new Higher Education Act this September, the student card regulation will become invalid. The Federation of Estonian Student Unions will stop issuing Estonian University Student Cards in August. In the future, a document confirming studies can be requested from the higher education institution, and the status of a student can still be confirmed with an ISIC Student card.

Head of the Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education and Research Margus Haidak tells us, the demand for Estonian University Student Tickets has decreased to a few hundred tickets per year. "The ISIC Student card is many times more popular, which is ordered by over 30,000 students a year," said Haidak. "Students prefer the ISIC card because it comes with a number of benefits and benefits - the ability to link it to a bank card, use it as a public transport card, etc. The need for a national student card is gone. Students can, if they wish, ask for a certificate from the higher education institution to prove their student status."

The Federation of Estonian Student Unions will not issue new Estonian University Student Tickets from August 1, 2019, but already issued cards are valid until the end of their validity period, and extension stickers can be ordered for them if you have student status until the end of the card's validity period. The Estonian University Student Card is valid for 4 years.

The Federation of Estonian Student Unions emphasizes that regardless of the repeal of the regulation, all students will still be able to prove their study status in the future.
The internationally recognized student card ISIC Student will continue to be on the market, upon presentation of which it is possible to take part in all discounts aimed at students as well as exclusive benefits aimed at ISIC card holders. More information about the ISIC card can be found at

The Federation of Estonian Students' Unions understands that the loss of the card product may entail significant changes for both educational institutions and students. Therefore, we ask all parties who have a desire for additional information in connection with these changes to contact the staff of the Federation of Estonian Student Unions.

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