The foxes got a bag full of wisdom

This year, the Federation of Estonian Student Unions distributed Fox Bags to new students for the tenth time.

The tradition of welcoming new students with Fox bags every year, which started in 2004, has reached its first anniversary. For ten years, the bags have contained a wide variety of products and special offers, and the same continued this year.

"FESU is happy to state that the Rebasekot project is already celebrating its first round 10th anniversary this year. It has become a nice tradition with which we welcome new students at the beginning of each academic year," said Rita Lõomets, leader of the Rebasekot project.

This year, a fresh student can find 2 notebooks, noodles, a condom, a calling card, the necessary information and a lot of special offers from different companies in his Fox bag. This year, it is estimated that the Rebasekott will be in the arsenal of about 13,300 new students.

The major sponsors of the Fox Bag this year are SEB bank and Tele2 Smart calling card. In addition, contributions were made by ISIC, Primus program, Tallinn Student Day, Selver, Rahva Raamat, Äripäev, Lää, Walking, TrendExpress, ReFocus Silmakeskus, Coffee IN, Skechers, club Atlantis, Subway, Monton, Pindi Kinnisvara, Mediapool Vizeum, Tervise Arengu Institute, Living for Tomorrow, Realister, Student and short film festival Sleepwalkers, Shooters, Megazone and student cafe Pöening.

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